The MCUs Moon Knight revealed his first trailer for the upcoming Disney+ streaming series, and the trailer reflected elements of the horror genre the character has been connected to since his first appearance in night werewolf #32 from 1975. Many of his best comic book issues from the 70s and 80s tie Moon Knight closely to the world of mysticism and horror that is slowly beginning to emerge in the MCU.

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Moon Knight’s MCU future can also be predicted in his best numbers from this time period. Marc Spector is said to be part of the West Coast Avengers, a team that saw most of its core members like White Vision and US Agent join the MCU. He would also have major storylines with another Marvel superhero team, the Defenders, which could also be coming to the MCU very soon.


Moon Knight #1 (1980)

Moon Knight from the Moon Knight 1 comic book cover.

The very first issue of Moon Knight’s very first single-player title is one of the best to truly establish the character as a superhero. Before that, he had been featured as a villain in the pages of night werewolf, one of Marvel’s best horror comics.

This first issue from 1980 is pivotal in Moon Knight lore as it establishes that Marc Spector was resurrected by the Egyptian god Khonshu, who gave him his powers. It also introduces Bushman, one of Moon Knight’s most evil villains who could possibly play a role in the MCU series.

West Coast Avengers #21

Moon Knight and Hank Pym join the West Coast Avengers in Marvel Comics.

In 1985, Moon Knight joined the West Coast Avengers in issue #21 of their book. This issue was key in bringing the mostly solo Moon Knight into the band’s fold, beginning an association that continues to the present day. Moon Knight is essential in saving the Avengers after they are sent back in time to ancient Egypt by Rama-Tut, a variant of Kang The Conqueror.

Moon Knight is easily an MCU character who could join a live-action version of the team, especially since many of the members are in the MCU like US Agent, White Vision, Hawkeye, and potentially Mockingbird in the form of Laura Barton.

Marc Spector: Knight of the Moon #1

Moon Knight attacks in Marvel Comics.

Moon Knight would go in and out of West Coast Avengers and his own solo titles over the years. Marc Spector: Knight of the Moon #1 launches the third volume of its solo series in 1989 and it’s great for establishing a new status quo for the character that could have implications for the MCU.

Marc Spector now runs Spector Enterprises and flies in the Moon Copter to fight crime. This very much mirrors Batman’s circumstances in DC Comics, but mixes it with the complexity of Spector’s uncertain mental state.

Moon Knight #3

Midnight Man battles Moon Knight in Marvel Comics.

In the third issue of the series’ first volume, Moon Knight faces off against one of his best villains, Midnight Man. It’s a great story that creates a dark double of Moon Knight in Midnight Man, a thief who ends up losing his life for his greed.

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Midnight Man could potentially be a villain in the MCU series, especially since he could be trying to steal ancient artifacts from the museum Marc Spector appears to be working in in the trailer. He could be in cahoots with the character of Ethan Hawke, or maybe the villain behind it all.

Moon Knight #1 (1985)

Marc Spector becomes Moon Knight in Marvel Comics.

Moon Knight got a solo miniseries in 1985 that continued to explore and in some ways revise its origin. The first issue of “The Fist of Khonshu” is one of the best from this period for clarifying its origin and also tying it much more closely to the Egyptian mythology of Khonshu.

Moon Knight receives a range of new Egyptian-themed weapons and armaments and begins wearing an ankh symbol that will remain part of his identity well into the 90s. He also receives his first true strength and speed superpowers from Khonshu in this issue. .

Defenders #50

The Defenders battle the Zodiac in Marvel Comics.

Moon Knight would eventually become one of the most powerful members of the Defenders, and in issue #50 of the original series, he joins them in a major battle against the Zodiac Cartel. It’s a huge battle with the dynamic art of Keith Giffen, who would go on to draw some of the best Justice League comic books.

Moon Knight fights alongside Hulk and Valkyrie, characters who have fought side by side in the MCU before. It’s possible the Defenders will reunite in the MCU, possibly through the efforts of Doctor Strange, who founded the team in the comics.

Spectacular Spider-Man #22

Moon Knight battles Spider-Man in Marvel Comics.

Moon Knight had a number of encounters with major Marvel characters early in his comic book career and one of the best was with Spider-Man. In reality, Spectacular Spider-Man #22 is one of Moon Knight’s best early stories for helping to define the character.

This issue shifts Moon Knight from the apparent villain he was in his first appearance to a misunderstood superhero. He follows elements of the criminal underworld in a way that could very easily lead him to cross paths with Spider-Man in the MCU.

West Coast Avengers #29

The West Coast Avengers head into battle in Marvel Comics.

Moon Knight became a full member of the West Coast Avengers during his time on the team and issue #29 is one of the best featuring him. In this issue, Khonshu abandons Marc Spector during a major battle with Taurus, a member of the Zodiac.

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This leads to a major conflict with the other West Coast Avengers as Taurus ends up dying at the end of the issue. The conflict in Spector’s mind and the conflicts that arise with others generate many possibilities for the character in the MCU.

Marvel Spotlight #28

Spotlight on Marvel (1971)

The journey to reestablish Moon Knight as a superhero begins in Spotlight on Marvel #28. The first solo story featuring the character, crafted by his co-creators Doug Moench and Don Perlin, is key to distancing the character from the supervillain that his first appearance framed him.

This story, which continued in issue #29, recast Moon Knight as a vigilante of uncertain motives. It may not be the best story of the era but essential in that it establishes the evolutionary aspect of the character, which continues into the present. Depending on how the character is developed in live-action, he could become one of the best anti-heroes in the MCU.

Night Werewolf #32

One of the best Moon Knight stories is the very first one. It originally appears in night werewolf #32, stalking that title’s hero, Jack Russell. Despite the fact that Moon Knight has evolved beyond this story, he’s still significant for a number of reasons.

It establishes its connection to the Committee, a secret international conspiracy of powerful people who could potentially be at play in the MCU through characters like The Contessa and the Power Broker. It also connects him to Werewolf By Night, a character who is also rumored to be coming to the MCU, in a Halloween special on Disney+ in the near future.

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